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Since 1963

About Us

The Trust was formed in June 1963 by Ephraim Goldberg, Michael (Melach) Goldberg, Sir Maurice Bloch, Samuel Ross Campbell, and Isidore Walton. It has however grown over the years. In 2010 the Bloch and Winocour Trusts merged with the Community Trust. In 2011 the reserves of the original Glasgow Talmud Torah and Board of Jewish Education (later known as Calderwood Jewish Education) also found a home in the Community Trust. In 2012 surplus funds held by the Glasgow Rabbinical College were transferred to the Community Trust and most recently in 2016, Habonim funds were also deposited with the Community Trust and a Habonim and Youth restricted fund was created.
There are seventeen Trustees of the Glasgow Jewish Community Trust, and they meet three times a year to consider all applications that have been submitted.